Go Build Your Empire:
How to Attract the Right Collaborators, Prove your ROI, Expand, and Repeat

Matt Lawson, Online Community Manager, Genesys

In this presentation, Genesys’ Online Community Manager Matt Lawson will share techniques that drive community engagement, including his method for attracting collaborators and the ROI formula he uses to get executive buy-in for additional funding.

As the new online community manager and sole staff member dedicated to the online community for Genesys, a company with nearly 10k employees and 11k customer companies, the first directive from management was, “Go Build Your Empire.” In a year since taking the role, the community has doubled its engagement across key metrics.

As a result of the growth, questions directed to Genesys’ support teams shifted, marketing teams began leveraging the community for campaigns, and, rather than recruiting for internal support, the community now has internal volunteers wanting to collaborate more intimately.


Matt Lawson, Online Community Manager, Genesys

Matt Lawson

Online Community Manager

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