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Volunteer Manager Success Kit 

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 listed below to help your association build a thriving volunteer program. If you have any questions, just ask.


Volunteer Manager Brochure

Higher Logic Volunteer Manager Overview

With Higher Logic’s Volunteer Manager, we make it easy to find, track and reward volunteer engagement. The intuitive and easy-to-use platform gives organizations the tools to:

  • Encourage member engagement with better rewards and recognition programs
  • Streamline volunteer process with an automated and easy-to-use system
  • Track engagement with a point system that measures offline volunteer efforts

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Case Study: Going From Listserv to Platform 

Before Volunteer Manager, The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) used one giant email listserv to contact potential volunteers and manage their responses. 

Since RAPS launched Volunteer Manager, the organization expanded both its volunteer programs—i.e. the types of volunteer activities available—and its pool of volunteers. Within a year of auto-enrolling 500 members, RAPS’ volunteer pool grew tremendously. Now they have 1,261 volunteers in their volunteer management system—152% growth in one year.





The Volunteer Experience eBook_Drop Shadow.png

The Volunteer Experience: Your Organization's Journey with Community eBook

Volunteers are integral to any organization’s success. Every volunteer program’s goal should include various opportunity types and simpler processes for engaging volunteers.

The lifecycle of an avid, ideal volunteer starts with small tasks and virtual participation, working all the way up to committees and leadership positions. 




Blog Posts 

How to Get Recognition, Rewards and Gamification for Volunteer Programs 

Whether you are creating volunteer opportunities or joining events and completing tasks, the process needs to feel seamless and keep volunteers coming back for more. This is where recognition, rewards and gamification techniques come in.

Help Members Help You: Three Ways to Engage Members

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula and not all volunteer opportunities resonate with all members. It’s important that you adapt, find and create volunteer opportunities that are both helpful for you and meaningful for your members.

Why Do People Volunteer for Professional Associations and Trade Groups?

Volunteerism has been the lifeblood of many groups throughout the centuries and continues to be a driving force today. How many people volunteered at your association? And what brought them to your door?


On Demand Webinar: Higher Logic's Volunteer Manager 

Volunteer Manager WebinarSee how Higher Logic's Volunteer Manager helps organizations personalize every member's volunteer journey, accelerating their levels of engagement. 

Higher Logic's Kerry O'Riordan covers how Volunteer Manager makes it easy to find, track and reward your members' volunteer engagement. 



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No other system makes it easier to find volunteers – or for volunteers to find a suitable opportunity: 

  • Personalize volunteer profiles and customize notifications 
  • Reward and recognize volunteers with virtual badges, ribbons, leaderboards and physical gifts 
  • Show ROI with extensive reporting capabilities and executive dashboards 

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