Private Online Communities

Create a vibrant, connected community

We implement successful private social networking sites with millions of engaged users and have seen the powerful results. With private social networks, in contrast to public social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), your members trust that their conversations are safe, and they become more engaged with one another.

  • Build a Knowledge Base
  • Create Secure Forums
  • Ease Information Sharing, Save Time


Call them private communities, private social networks, or social CRM…

The results are the same. More than 20 million members in over 100,000 communities use our online community platform to collaborate, engage, and share.

  • Higher Logic Community Platform empowers users to tap into the knowledge and experience of the entire membership base by removing barriers like time and geography
  • Online communities ignite a knowledge management culture and build relationships through communication and collaboration
  • Online communities drive innovation and efficiency through the sharing and exchange of best practices and ideas

Private Social Networking

Social networking – connecting members... Private, secure communities for you, your members, and constituents to connect, share ideas, and to get answers quickly.

Rapidly spread best practices throughout your organization, in a secure environment away from the eyes of the public and the competition.

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