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It’s time to develop a new discipline for writing and communicating on a screen. Based on his upcoming book, author and thought leader Josh Bernoff presents the strengths and advantages to clear writing.

No matter your community role, you need a different perspective when you’re writing for people staring at a screen all day (and nowadays, that’s pretty much everything we write). Your readers have computer and phone screens that are noisy, distracting places. Concentration is difficult, but bullshit-free writing can solve the attention deficit.

Register for today's Webinar to learn Josh's top tips for writing community posts, emails, blogs and anything else in a way that truly stands out:

  • Write short
  • Front-load your content
  • Kill attention wasters like jargon and passive voice
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What Attendees are Saying:

"I love this series and really appreciate Higher Logic putting on the Learning Series program. I’m a busy professional of a thriving organization – and I make time to attend the webinars because I always leave with actionable takeaways."

~ Cheryl Rothbart, The International Propeller Club of the United States

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