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Download Your Copy: The 2016 Community Benchmarking Study

HL_CB_Report_2017_CoverThumb copy.jpegThe third edition of the annual report series compiles over three years of trending data and analysis on community engagement and performance from over 20 million users within 348 organizations. Higher Logic, a leader in cloud-based community platforms, and Marketing General, Inc. present the 2016 Community Benchmarking Study.  

This brand new study will address the evolution of community engagement, from setting benchmarks to developing custom measurements for your organization. Key findings include how to align engagement with satisfaction, incorporating automation, and customizing KPIs that align with member and organizational goals. 

The study includes:

  • Updates on the Engagement Benchmark Score (EBS) and EBS Tool
  • New KPIs and comparative analysis of 300+ communities and organizations
  • How and where to apply these benchmarking metrics in 2017 to make an impact

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