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Webinar: Community Management Roundtable
A panel discussion on effective strategies and tactics for community management

Building an online community doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll need to focus on community management, tailoring your approach to your desired business outcomes.

On November 28th at 2pm ET, we hosted a discussion with community experts. Our team consults directly with a diverse set of Higher Logic clients, giving them a broad perspective to share on their firsthand experiences building successful online communities.

Each panelist presented real customer stories and offered advice on effective strategies and tactics for community management, sharing their collective knowledge to set you up for success. This session will be interactive, so plan to bring your questions!

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Emily-Circle-2Emily Stamm
Community Manager
Higher Logic

Annie-CircleAnnie Moncure
Community Manager
Higher Logic

Will-Circle-2Will Machin
Senior Community Manager
Higher Logic

lindsay_starke_rLindsay Starke
Lead Community Strategist
Higher Logic

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