Future Proofing Your Association Webinar

With the rise of digital technologies, the potential for associations to reach and engage more members has grown exponentially. But this reality leads to a burning question: What should associations do to thrive in today’s brave, new digital world?

Vanessa DiMauro, CEO of Leader Networks, hosted a webinar on Future Proofing Your Association and shared findings from a research study in which she surveyed nearly 90 association leaders and provided practical advice and answers to these key questions:

  • Where are your association peers on their digital journey? And how does your association stack up?
  • What are the key challenges associations face as they undergo digital transformation? And how can you overcome them?
  • How can you become a digital change agent for your association? And where should you start?

Vanessa also shared industry trends to help you imagine what a bright, digital future looks like for your association.

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About Leader Networks: 
Leader Networks is a research and consulting firm that helps companies use digital and social technologies to gain competitive advantage. They work with clients to develop digital business strategies, launch new digital products and business models, create and grow online communities, and craft social selling campaigns and operations. 

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