You don't have to walk 500 miles in their shoes to help them succeed.

The buzz around personalizing the member experience isn't going away, and for good reason -- it's how your organization stays relevant.

Half the battle of personalization is understanding how your members interact with your organization and what they need from you (wherever they are in the member lifecycle). From there, delivering on their terms comes naturally.  

Listen to this webinar to hear real-life examples of how associations use online community and marketing automation technology to create seamless communication across the entire member journey -- without extra work. They're seeing results such as:

  • 201% increase in engagement while saving 2-3 hours of staff time
  • 30% increase in member retention
  • 45% increase in event attendance lead to $64K in event revenue


Presented By

Kate_Z_HeadshotKate Zimmerman
Director of Product Management
Higher Logic


jill_C_headshotJillian Casler
Product Manager
Higher Logic

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