Suggest an AMA Topic

AMAs or "Ask Me Anything" are great ways to bring communities together to learn about topics from an expert. Suggest a topic in HUG for an AMA that you believe would provide value and be successful. 

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Post Your Reading Bucket List for 2019

2019 has arrived and there are so many great reads out there! Share on HUG some of the books on your bucket list for this year's New Year Resolution!

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Share Your 2019 Goals and Metrics

It's the beginning of the new year and we want to hear how you are going to continue to grow in your community. What metrics are important to you this year?

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Brag About Your 2018 Accomplishments 

Had an unexpected or well-earned successful turnout with your online community or Higher Logic module? Started a new organizational program or learned a new skill? 

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Nominate 3 People for a HUG Opportunity

We love the participation we receive on our volunteer opportunities, but are always searching for more helping hands!  Keep the fun going by engaging users that are just as excited to volunteer as you. 

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Tell Us What You Automated

2019 is going to be all about efficiency. Share with other HUG Champions 1 (or more) regular task that you were able to automate with a Higher Logic Automation Campaign.

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Have questions or feedback about this challenge or what other opportunities you'd like to see? We want to hear them! Email Lily Park at at